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New Beginning

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Our Story

The Singapore Swim Centre started out as a solution to two problems:

  • Students experiencing difficulty in finding a swimming coach
  • Coaches experiencing difficulty in finding swimming students

In the past, students found swimming coaches through the use of a Facebook group. The service was unregulated, inconvenient, and time-consuming. There was no guarantee of a match, and was completely manual.

As with classified ads you find in newspapers, with time, potential matches will overlook or ignore the posts in the group. Coaches are left in a continuous search for students, and the students’ search for a swimming coach is unnecessarily extended.

The Singapore Swim Centre recognised that there is a need to create a separate platform, dedicated both to coaches and students, so that every student finds their desired coach and vice versa.

Singapore Swimming Centre was born

New Beginning

The first of its kind in Singapore, the Singapore Swim Centre is an online agency for swimmers and coaches, offering one-stop solutions that cater to the swimming industry.

Revolutionizing the industry in Singapore, we connect enthusiastic learners and motivated coaches in one platform, acting as a bridge to expedite the process of finding coaches/students.

Convenient, effective and fuss-free, interested learners do not have to pay a fee ! Just register an account with us to access the database of coaches available for your selection.

Coaches holding swimming certifications (Singapore, UK or Australia) are also invited to register your profiles with us, so that you can be added to an island-wide database of swimming coaches .

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Mission & Vision


  • Singapore Swim Centre aims to revolutionize Singapore’s swimming industry.
  • We aim to increase the reach of coaches to potential students, and increase their student base through the use of our platform.


  • We believe that all swim coaches who hold any teaching certification should have equal access to students island-wide
  • We aim to be Singapore’s leading platform for swimming coaches and swimming students

Our Values

Singapore Swim Centre believes in speed , accuracy and safety .

  • We cater to all locations, with an island-wide coverage of all private and public pools.
  • We have a huge database of coaches making the matching process as accurate as possible.
  • Coaches who register with us will undergo stringent checks on their certification, and ensured of their capabilities in coaching.
  • We use an online payment system that is easy and safe to use.