Lesson Information

Coaches Certifications


Our coaches are certified under the following organisations:




SGActive Coach: 

Certified under the Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme, members of the NROC are deemed competent by a national body, and able to carry out teaching instruction of their expertise.

As nationally recognised and qualified coaches, you can be assured of their continued dedication to quality of education and coaching, and keeping updated with the current skills and knowledge in their respective fields.

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Austswim Coach:

The AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence™ is the industry standard for swimming and water safety teachers. 

Delivered and recognised in Australia and many other countries including Singapore, the intensive programme covers a wide range of water safety guidelines that ensure coaches’ competence in teaching and coaching.

Additionally, AUSTSWIM Coaches are required to renew their CPR certification annually for validity purposes.

AUSTSWIM Coaches possess an internationally accredited ability in coaching, and sets the benchmark in aquatics to provide quality instruction and education for safer swimming and water safety.



STA Coach:

Short for the Swimming Teachers’ Association, the STA is an independent swimming teaching and lifesaving organisation that is internationally recognised and based in the UK.

Split into two levels, coaches are required to go through Lifesaving 1, 2, 3 / CPR  or Standard First Aid before going through the Basic Teacher’s Course.

From Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving to First Aid and Leisure Management, the STA promises a high quality of instruction from its certified coaches.



Lesson Type



Infant/ Baby Lesson (4 to 24 months old): 


Infants and babies alike have a natural inclination towards development of new techniques of movement, which makes it essential (and easier) for them to grasp the fundamentals of water movement and grow towards independence and higher confidence.


Aside from a reduced risk of drowning due to increased confidence, infants and babies also improve the processes of their brain in coordination and communication.


Toddler Lesson (2 to 4 years old):


Cultivate the right mind-set towards confidence and leading an active lifestyle from the start, and prepare your children to swim independently with the provision of professional coaching. Learn comfortably and safely through syllabuses that are catered to young children!


Give your child a head-start in swimming while they are still young, and develop their self-confidence and self-esteem in the water. Open them up to a community of young swimmers-to-be who are also at the same skill levels.


Children/ Kid Lesson (5 to 13 years old):


Swimming is an all-encompassing skill that is beneficial to kids in many ways! Considered widely as an essential skill, swimming spans a wide number of purposes including recreation and/or lifesaving emergencies.

Give your child the opportunity to take up this gem of a skill today!


Your kids will experience increased abilities to do well in school, and discover the importance of teamwork. At the same time, they will mold and develop their individual characteristics of leadership, perseverance and independence, while keeping an active lifestyle.


Adult Lesson (14 years old and above):


It is never too late to start learning how to swim! Swimming is considered a crucial skill that not only comes in handy in leisure or sports, but for lifesaving emergencies as well.

Catering to every skill-level from the hydrophobic to the intermediate swimmers, swimming lessons will ensure that you start at your level and experience progress.


Develop a life skill that will be useful in future! Conquer your fears or refine your techniques as you explore the world of swimming with professional coaching.


Special Needs Lesson:


People with special needs can also learn swimming at their own pace! Learn to swim with coaches that will conduct one-to-one sessions with your child, and equip them with more than just the skill of swimming proficiently, but also develop self-esteem and satisfaction.


Help your child develop character and confidence with our patient coaching and give them an opportunity to discover their potential.


Lifesaving Lesson:


Lifesaving is gradually gaining traction and importance in the swimming industry, due to the opening of more aquatic sports conducted in open waters.

With a range of programmes from those targeted at children to courses suitable for adults, learn the basics of lifesaving techniques in water and acquire a skill that is slowly becoming a necessity.


Feel safer in the open waters as you level up your expertise in water proficiency, and gain that extra skill that maximises your confidence, opening up options in becoming certified lifeguards. With many routes of advancement available, there’s something for everyone.